~Please ask us when you need to charter a bus in Kansai area~

Safety Bus Approval

MK Sightseeing Bus is a company that’s earned two stars on 'the chartered bus safety evaluation certification system' established by Nihon Bus Association.
We strive to comply with laws and regulations and keep on making daily efforts to protect the safety of passengers.

About MK Sightseeing Bus

-Company name : MK Sightseeing Bus Co.,Ltd.
-Headquarters : 1-1 Kamitoba Kitahanana-cho, Kyoto City,
Kyoto Prefecture, 601ー8127, Japan
-Establishment : June, 1999
-Number of Employees : 427

How to make a reservation

Trip preparation
-We recommend you should make an early reservation since it’s very crowded on weekend and national holiday of tourist season.
-The departure or arrival place must be in Osaka or Kyoto, Hyogo prefecture.

Bus lineup

We offer a variety of buses ranging from large one to small one.You can choose the most suitable bus according to your application and request.
We can provide you a small hand-hold device for interpreting, “POCKETALK”and free Wi-fi.

About MK Group


TEL (Japan / International)

075-682-4184 / +81-75-6824184

TEL (International)

  • Kyoto Office

    Kyoto Prefecture
    otsu city, Shiga Prefecture

  • Osaka Office

    Osaka Prefecture
    all area

  • Osaka-Kita Office

    Osaka Prefecture
    all area

  • Osaka-Minami Office

    Osaka Prefecture
    Katsuragicity, Nara Prefecture

  • Kobe Office

    Hyogo Prefecture
    all area

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

*Most of our staff cannot speak English, so it’s recommended to send e-mail.

*We will receive this form 9:30 am on weekdays.